Renal Associates of West Michigan, P.C.  
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
Clinical Staff Information

Amelia Klocke, Practice Administrator

Dawn A., R.N. & Marlene V., L.P.N.
  • Ramandeep S. Banga, M.D.
  • Jeanne M. Gratiot-Deans, M.D.
  • Daniel J. Legault, M.D.
Brenda C., R.N.  
  • Imad M. Ahmed, M.D.
  • R. Michael Hofmann, M.D.
  • Brett W. Plattner, M.D.

Linda P., R.N. 

  • Nicole M. Bautisa, M.D.
  • Paul A. Delyria, M.D.
  • Saurabh K. Goel, M.D.
  • Philip J. Goushaw, M.D.
Sharon P., R.N. & Debra J., R.N.
  • Kseniya V. Filippova, M.D.
  • Srivilliputtur G. Santhana-Krishnan, M.D.
  • Daniel J. Legault, M.D.
Sue S., R.N. 
  • Byron T. Slaton, M.D.
  • Michael J. Unruh, M.D.
  • James A. Visser, M.D.


Medical Assistants
Jessica A.
Kathy H.

Melissa M.
Nikki P.
Marlene T.
Beth W.

Appointment Information

As a patient of RAWM, your time and health is extremely important to us. In order to provide you with outstanding medical care, we ask that you read the following:

Please arrive 15-20 minutes prior to each appointment with our office. This will allow time for registration and any paperwork that needs to be filled out.

We ask that every patient brings his or her insurance cards for accurate billing along with a photo ID.

All patients should bring an updated medication list, including OTC medications and vitamins, to each appointment. The list should include the medication name, strength (mg, mcg, meq, etc.), and dose (how many times a day you take the medication).

Please be prepared to leave a urine sample upon arrival, as Renal Associates will perform an Urine Dip analysis to better serve your visit needs.

Renal Associates of West Michigan, P.C. will gladly bill your insurance after each visit. However, if your insurance requires prior authorization for a specialty office visit it is your responsibility to obtain authorization from your primary care physician. The form is to be sent to our office prior to each visit. Failure to obtain authorization through your primary physician may result in nonpayment of services.

All copays/deductables are to be paid on the date of service.

NO SHOWS/CANCELLED APPOINTMENTS: There is a fee of $50.00 for follow up appointments and a fee of $100.00 for new patient appointments not cancelled greater than 24 hours in advance.

Current Research Activities


1) PCKD Study