Renal Associates of West Michigan, P.C.  

[Updated Website 09/04/2013]
Renal Associates of West Michigan, P.C. sets the standard for Nephrology practice in the Western Michigan area by incorporating our beliefs in compassion, integrity, and respect for the individual into the overall care plan for each of our valued patients. 

We are an thirteen (13) physician Nephrology office.  We are proud to announce the addition of one (1) new physician to the office in 2013: R. Michael Hofmann (07/2013).Please see complete physician list by clicking on '
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We also have three (3) locations to better serve you in West Michigan.
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As of 11/2012, Renal Associates now has a patient portal to help the patient understand their health history.  This portal is currently under construction, but Renal Associates is continually trying to make your visit more meaningful to you, the patient.  In order to be signed up for the portal, you must come to your appointment and have an active email address.  Please click
to visit your patient portal.

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to call us (information below).

Renal Associates of West Michigan, P.C. specializes in the treatment of kidney disease and hypertension. We perform pre and post transplant work-ups and dialysis monitoring, including hemodialysis and CAPD.

Renal Associates of West Michigan, P.C.
330 East Beltline Avenue NE
Suite 100
Grand Rapids, Michigan  49506
Phone: (616) 752-6235
Fax: (616) 752-6324
Toll Free: 1 (888) 752-RAWM (7296)